Meet the mets!

This is my first post so a little about me, I’m Steve and I’m a diehard mets fan who has been struggling like the rest of us for over eight seasons to enjoy some semblance of success.   So back to me, I’m 30 years old and in my spare time which is never I research/watch/complain about the New York Mets.  My day job is a police officer in a small little town in NJ and I absolutely love it and prior to that I served in the Marine Corps and deployed to Iraq in 2007.  My heartbreaking Mets story is watching Carlos Beltran strike out while being stationed in Camp Lejeune North Carolina while studying to become a engineer and dealing with that fun.  Ok enough about me…..this past weekend the metsies salvaged a series against the Dodgers thanks to Cy-Jacob DeGrom and the bats awaking after their slumber for 15 runs Saturday and timely hitting thanks to newly acquired Juan Uribe yesterday but alas the phone is ringing with my dept calling so i will finish this and come back as soon as possible 


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